Alternative Fertility Options in Mankato, MN

A Healthy Pregnancy Begins with Healthy Preconception


Infertility affects more and more couples every year. The amount of emotional stress and heartache these couples go through is insurmountable. With the growing number of struggling couples, the interventions offered by the diverse health care industry have also increased. Many couples are unaware that there are other options available to them besides conventional medicine. These alternative fertility options are a holistic and natural approach to preconception.

What makes our natural approach to fertility different than other fertility treatments?

Our approach is to focus on increasing and improving your health, instead of promising pregnancy, and as a result you have a healthier baby!

Our approach works in 120 day cycles. It takes 120 days for an egg to mature, therefore it takes 120 days to make sure we get the healthiest eggs possible for conception. Working in 120  day cycles not only assures improvement in egg quality and health, but also making sure ovulation happens and a healthy monthly cycle ensues. Focusing on the health of mom and dad, we are ensuring specific things are in place prior to pregnancy, baby's health will benefit so much more. Healthier parents, healthier baby - it's a win-win!

When the primary focus is getting pregnant, health comes second, and our kids are paying the price for it. Our kids are the sickest they have ever been - more and more are dealing with diabetes, cancer, autoimmune issues and adult onset diseases. As adults we have a hard enough time learning how to be healthy, imagine how challenging it is for a child.

There has been more and more research showing that chiropractic care may be a viable and natural approach to infertility. To learn more how chiropractic can help with infertility, read our blog post.

Our approach consists of chiropractic care, essential nutrient supplementation and positive lifestyle changes. If you are open to new options, willing to make lifestyle changes, open to learning and understanding how your body works and why things happen, and prepared to make space in your life for a baby, then this alternative fertility treatment is right for you.

We want to provide the parents with the knowledge and tools to live a healthier, happier life prior to conception so these habits are not only a part of their everyday lives, but also for baby to be significantly healthier. Imagine if you could start making positive changes today that are going to positively impact your child's health. What could it hurt to improve your own health status on your fertility journey?

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Alternative Fertility Options available in Mankato, MN