What to Expect

Your first visit to our office is one of the most important visits. It allows us to determine the nature of your condition and if chiropractic can help. The first visit usually takes about 30-45 minutes. 

We look to provide the best care possible for each one of our patients. In order to do so, we have new patient paperwork that is necessary to have a thorough health history and information about your current condition. The paperwork may be filled out in the office or it may be completed prior to your visit to ensure getting you back to the doctor as soon as possible. The new patient forms can found below.

Consultation: Your first visit will begin with an initial consultation. Dr. Jessica will sit down with you to discuss what brings you into the office and any concerns you may have. This is the time when Dr. Jessica gets to learn more about you and your condition, while giving you the opportunity of sharing your health and wellness goals you would like to achieve through chiropractic care.

Exam: After the consultation, a thorough exam will be performed consisting of range of motion, muscle strength and tone, posture, orthopedic, neurological, spinal palpation and any other tests Dr. Jessica feels are needed. Depending on your specific condition, x-rays may be needed in order for Dr. Jessica to receive all the information to provide you with the best chiropractic care. However, we do not take x-rays in the office. If Dr. Jessica believes x-rays are needed, they are taken at the Mankato Clinic's radiology department. If you've recently had x-rays taken or other imaging studies, you may bring those images or reports with you to your first visit.

Treatment: Dr. Jessica will discuss discuss your goals and treatment options with you. We always work closely with our patients to make sure that they are comfortable with the course of treatment. There are several adjustment techniques that can be utilized in the office based on what Dr. Jessica believes will give the best results and the patient's comfort.

Do We Accept Insurance? We are a cash practice and are not in network with health insurance companies, which allows us to focus more on your health and wellness. Along with cash, check and all major credit cards, we also accept HSA and FLEX. With insurance deductibles skyrocketing and copays on the rise, many people are starting to find that it may be more affordable to receive chiropractic care outside of using their insurance.

Many insurances carriers dictate how long and what conditions are covered under patient plans. For instance, some carriers allow only 12 visits per calendar year or some carriers state they will only cover conditions a chiropractor sees that is directly related to the spine. Chiropractors are thoroughly trained to analyze, diagnose and treat conditions that arise from the neuromusculoskeletal system (for example, carpal tunnel syndrome or plantar fasciitis). Many of these conditions may not be covered by general insurance’s guidelines as they do not directly relate to the spine. However, a boutique chiropractic practice like us allows patients to affordably self pay for their personalized treatment while the doctor is free to perform to their fullest scope of practice.

The good news is that there is an affordable solution for these issues! At Vitality Chiropractic & Acupuncture, we offer discounted rates at time of service and family plans.

Don’t hesitate to call or email us with any questions!

New Patient Forms

Children (Newborn - 12)

Adult (13 and older)

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