Membership Pricing 

Healthcare is changing and we want to make it easy, affordable and convenient for you and your family to receive the chiropractic care you need and deserve. We offer accessible, affordable chiropractic care because we believe in long-term health. Our Membership Plans are designed to help you get the care that you want, at a price you can afford.

With a practice membership you will be able to receive all the recommended care needed while enrolled in one of our plans with NO insurance needed, NO co-pays, and NO deductibles. This allows us to focus on YOU.

The Weekly Plan
(1 Adjustment per Week)

This plan gradually and consistently improves the quality of your health over the course of your life.
$120/month (Savings of $40)

The Functional Improvement Plan
(2 Adjustments per Week)

This plan improves the function of your spine and nervous system as quickly as possible.
$200/month (Savings of $120)

The Basic Wellness Plan
(2 Adjustments per Month)

This plan maintains your current level of spinal and nervous system
health by receiving regular chiropractic care.
$60/month (Savings of $20)

*If not an Existing Patient, a New Patient Exam of $50.00 (referral price) will be performed.

We also have Family Plans available: Basic Wellness Family Plan (2 Adjustments per Month) and Monthly Wellness Family Plan (1 Adjustment per Month). These plans vary depending on the number of immediate family members.

**Plans also include a discount for Acupuncture ($35 sessions). If you need an extra visit on your plan, it will be $25 for each additional visit.

Per-Visit Pricing
Adult: $40
Child: $30
Acupuncture: $40

New Patient Pricing
Adult: $85
Child: $55
Acupuncture: $80

Because of the unique nature of our fee system, we CAN NOT and WILL NOT bill traditional health insurance, or accept MVA, Personal Injury or Workman’s Compensation cases.